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Wu Han hsenbruy Chemical Co., Ltd.
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  About us

   Wu Han hsenbruy Chemical Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates the R&D, producing and sales of specialty chemicals of Organic phosphine catalyst, boronic acid, pharmaceutical intermediate, etc. We have succeeded in developing dozens of organ phosphorus catalysts and pharmaceutical intermediates, among which have formed large scaled manufacture and built long-term friendly partnership with worldwide clients and universities.

    Our company lays foundation on technologies from researching institutes in universities and has accumulated decades of R&D experience and technological power. We have undertaken state-level projects and obtained capacity of manufacturing tens of organ phosphorus catalysts and boronic acid, part of which gained invention patent rights.

    We vitally concern about product research and development. We have established purification laboratory, organic syntheses laboratory, instrumental analyses room, class 1000 clean room, pilot reaction workshop and production lines. We are equipped with a range of guaranteeing conditions from primary research and development to pilot enlargement.

    The corporation has built an excellent and strongly innovative R&D team which has rich experience in chemical synthesis. So far there are over 40 researching staff, more than half of which possess degrees higher than Master. Based on the idea of “Produce one generation, Develop the second generation and Pre-develop the next generation”, our research team is continuously growing to firmly supply the sustainable development of the cooperation. 

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